Saturday, October 25, 2008

Episode 02 - Introductions, Food, Numbers, Days

Learn Tibetan in easy steps.

Dorjee: Tashi delek. This is Dorjee. Tshamgma la, Tashi delek.

Phillipa: Tashi delek this is Phillipa. Talk Tibetan number 2 – Introductions, food, numbers and days of the week.

Dorjee: Are you well, Phillipa la?

Khe-rang ku-sug De po Yin Pay, Phillipa la

Phillipa: La yin, Tho che na

Phillipa: How do I say I am happy?

Dorjee: I am happy. Listen and repeat

Nga kyi po Doog

Nga kyi po Doog

Nga kyi po Doog

I would like to introduce my sister to you next week. How do I say. Dorjee, this is Jenny?

Dorjee: Dorjee la thee ngeh pun kya Jenny ray

Dorjee la thee ngeh pun kya Jenny ray

Dorjee la thee ngeh pun kya Jenny ray

Phillipa: How would you say ‘Good to meet you?’

Dorjee: Khe-rang jal pa gah po jung

Khe-rang jal pa gah po jung

Khe-rang jal pa gah po jung

Phillipa: I want to organise a party for our Tibetan class at the end of the course – I’m not sure what day it will be. Can you tell me the days of the week?

Dorjee: Monday za Dawa

Tuesday za Mingmar

Wednesday za Lhakpa

Thursday za Phurbu

Friday za Pasang

Saturday za Penpa

Sunday za Nyima

Phillipa: I think we should have it on Monday night on the last night.

Phillipa : Dorjee, how many students are in our class?
Can you teach me the numbers 1-10?

One chiq
Two nyee
Three soom
Four shi
Five nga
Six druy
Seven dun
Eight geh
Nine goo
Ten chu

Can you say the numbers again?

Phillipa: We need to think about what food we will cook. How do you say food?

Dorjee: Shay lag

Phillipa: What are two Tibetan foods we could serve?

Dorjee Momos and Sham-dre. Momos are liked steamed dumplings and you can put lots of things such as meat and vegetables inside. Sham dre is like a curry.

Dorjee Momos


Phillipa: Sounds delicious

I have to leave now Dorjee and start planning for our party.

Galeshu, Dorjee la

Dorjee: Galepe Phillipa la

Phillipa: Tho che na, Dorjee la

Dorjee: Jeh la Jal yong

Thanks to Jamyang Dorjee (pictured above) for the music.


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Sorry about that. I've turned the server they are hosted on back on again. I'll have to move the files somewhere else.

Thanks for letting us know.