Saturday, November 8, 2008

Episode 04 - Family members and months

Learn Tibetan in easy steps.

Dorjee: Tashi delek. This is Dorjee. Tshamgma la, Tashi delek.

Phillipa: Tashi delek this is Phillipa. Talk Tibetan No 4 – Family members and months of the year.

Dorjee: Are you well, Phillipa la?

Khe-rang ku-sug De po Yin Pay, Phillipa la

Phillipa: La Yin, tho che na.

How about you, Dorjee are you happy?

Dorjee: I am happy

Nga kyi po Doog

Phillipa: I went to dinner with Ani Tenzin la last week on Tuesday night. I met her sister, brother, mother, father, grandmother and grandfather. How do I say brother, mother, father, grandmother and grandfather?

Dorjee: As you know ani means nun, sister and also paternal aunt.
Younger Brother – Chungpo
Elder brother – Chenpo
Younger sister Chungmo
Elder sister Chengmo
Mother – Ama La
Father – Pala
Grandmother – Mola
Grandfather - Pola

Phillipa: When I met them I said good to meet you.

Dorjee: Good to meet you.

Khe-rang jal pa gah po jung

Khe-rang jal pa gah po jung

Khe-rang jal pa gah po jung

Phillipa: The food (sha lag) was delicious and we had momos, sham dre and I tried butter tea. Butter tea is very different to Australian tea and I said this is good

Dorjee: Butter tea, this is good

Chasuma, Thee Yag Po Dug
Chasum, Thee Yag Po Dug
Chasuma, Thee Yag Po Dug

Phillipa: Tenzin had prayer flags outside her home. What’s the Tibetan word for this?

Dorjee: Prayer flags
Lung ta
Lung ta
Lung ta

Phillipa: Can you tell me a little about Prayer flags?

Dorjee: Prayer flags are prayers to reduce the sufferings of all beings and bring good luck

Phillipa: Ani Tenzin la told me that she is studying English at TAFE and she is in a class with twenty students.

Dorjee: 20 students – Lob Trug Nyeeshoe thampa

Phillipa Tenzin and her family told me they are excited about celebrating Losar New Year in February next year. Can you tell me the months of the year?

January – Dawa Dhangpo
February – Dawa nyeepa
March- Dawa soompa
April- Dawa shipa
May – Dawa ngapa
June – Dawa drugpa
July – Dawa Dunpa
August – Dawa Gehpa
September – Dawa Goopa
October – Dawa Chupa
November – Dawa chuchigpa
December – Dawa chung nyeepa

Phillipa: Thanks for that. Time to go Dorjee.

Galeshu, Tho che na Dorjee la. I will see you on Monday at 6pm

Dorjee: Goodbye, Phillipa la, See you next Monday
Galepe Phillipa la , Za dawa Cho tsoe drug la, la jal yong

Jeh la Jal yong

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