Saturday, September 12, 2009

Episode 14 - Talking to a newly arrived Tibetan

Tashi delek, this is Dorjee, Tashi delek this is Dadron. Tashi delek this is Phillipa.

Talk Tibetan Podcast 14. Today we'll look at talking to a new Tibetan – Karma's arrival to Australia.

Dorjee Greetings
Tashi Delek

Dadron My name is Karma.
Ngey ming la Karma yin

I am newly arrived here.
Nga dhey sarpa lep tsar tse yin.

Dorjee Oh, Where is your birth place?
Ah lay, kherang trung-yul gha ney yin pay?

Dadron I am from Tibet.
Nga Bho ney yin.

Dorjee What part of Tibet?
Bho gha ney yin pay la?

Dadron From Lhaysa.
La, Lhaysa ney yin.

Dorjee Where are you staying now?
Kherang dhata gabah shug ghi yo?

Dadron I am staying in Dee Why.
Nga, Dee Why la dhay ki yo.

Dorjee Oh! They say there are many Tibetans in Dee Why, is that right?
Ah lay, Dee Why la Bhopa mangpo yo ray zer ghi good, dhe ray pay la?

Dadron Yes, there are quite a few Tibetans.
La, Bhopa gachen doog.

Dorjee How old are you?
Kherang gonglo ghatsay yin pay?

Dadron I am 35 years old.
Nga lo soomchu-so nga yin.

Dorjee Do you have any brothers and sisters?
Kherang la kumche yo pay?

Dadron Yes, I have 2 elder brothers and 1 younger sister.
La yo, nga chenpo nyi dhang chungmo chig yo.

Dorjee What work do you do?
Kherang chaklay gharay nang ghi yo?

Dadron I am a Tibetan teacher.
Nga Bho-yig ge-gen yin.

Dorjee How lucky, I am at the moment looking for a Tibetan teacher. Could you kindly teach me Tibetan language?
Tab yak joong, ngey Bhho-yig ge-gen shig tsal shinpa yin. Khey ki nga la Bho-kay lab nang thup ki ray pay?

Dadron I will be delighted to teach you.
Ngey gapo thokne lab ro shu chok.

Dorjee In that case, could we start from tomorrow?
Dhedra yin na sang nyin ney u tsookna dik ki ray pay?

Dadron What day is tomorrow?
Sang nyin za gare ray la?

Dorjee Tomorrow is Friday.
Sang nyin za Pasang ray.

Dadron Yes, That is fine, it is a good day.
La, dik ki ray, za sangpo shig khel ki doog.

Dorjee Thank you, I will organise the class and see you tomorrow evening at 7 o'clock.
Thoche na, ngey dzindra dradik shu chok, ani, sang nyin gongmo choetsoe dunpa la jal yong.

Phillipa That's all for now. Tune in for further sessions on Talktibetan dot blogspot dot com


ChinaFan said...

I may have missed it somewhere, but what Tibetan dialect is being taught here, and how different is it from the other dialects? Is there a "central" Tibetan dialect, such as Mandarin Chinese for China?

Teh_Alchemist said...

It's nice to know that many people are interested in Tibetan Language. Anyways gongtoe delek (no pun intended.)

Peter Marks said...

And it's nice to know that people are interested in this resource. Thanks!