Sunday, September 20, 2009

Episode 15 - Putting together vocabulary

Tashi delek, this is Dorjee. Tashi delek, this is Phillipa. Talk Tibetan Podcast 15. Today we'll look at putting together some of the vocabulary we have learnt so far.

Phillipa: Good evening Dorjee: .

Dorjee: Gongtoe delek Dorjee: -la.

Phillipa: We have 8 students who want to learn Tibetan language.

Dorjee: Gen-la, ngatso Bho-kay jangdhoe yo pay lobtruk gey yo.

Phillipa: Oh! very good, could you kindly introduce me to them?

Dorjee: Ah lay, yakpo shaydak ray, khey ki nga la khongnam ngotro nang rok nang gay?

Phillipa: Of course, could I give you their name list later?

Dorjee: La, yin-da-yin, ngey khongtsoy mingtho jela phulna dik ki ray pay?

Phillipa: That's fine.
Dorjee: Dik ki ray.

Now we will be looking at family members. I'll say the family members in English and Dorjee: will say it in Tibetan

Phillipa: Grand father
Dorjee: Pola

Phillipa: Grand mother
Dorjee: Mola

Phillipa: Father
Dorjee: Pala

Phillipa: Mother
Dorjee: Amala

Phillipa: Daughter (girl)
Dorjee: Bhumo

Phillipa: Son (boy)
Dorjee: Bhu

Phillipa: Uncle (paternal)
Dorjee: Ahgoo

Phillipa: Uncle (maternal)
Dorjee: Ashang

Phillipa: Aunty (paternal)
Dorjee: Ani

Phillipa: Aunty (maternal)
Dorjee: Somo

Phillipa: Grandparents
Dorjee: Popo momo

Phillipa: Parents
Dorjee: Pha ma

Phillipa: Brothers and sisters
Dorjee: Komche

Phillipa: Family members
Dorjee: Nangmi

Phillipa: Relatives mainly through marriages
Dorjee: Nge-dre

Phillipa: Elder brother
Dorjee: Chenpo (Jhola)

Phillipa: Younger brother
Dorjee: Chungpo (Ola)

Phillipa: Elder sister
Dorjee: Chenmo (Achala)

Phillipa: Younger sister
Dorjee: Chunmo (Ola)

Phillipa: Nephew
Dorjee: Tsawo

Phillipa: Niece
Dorjee: Tsamo

Dorjee: Jhola and Achala are more commonly used than Chenpo and Chenmo in spoken Tibetan. These two pronouns are also applied as close equivalent to English Sir and Madam.

Phillipa: That's all for now. Tune in for further sessions on Talktibetan dot blogspot dot com

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tehalchemist said...

Guess what I learned today, Gongtoe Delek (No pun intended.)